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A Warm Place in My Heart Book Cover

A Warm Place in My Heart

Young Voices on Faith

by Heather Cardin

Heather Cardin asked Bahá'í youth and young adults from around the world to share their thoughts about why they believed and why they were Bahá'ís.

Soft Cover
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Arising Book Cover


A Year of Service Handbook for Volunteers

by Denali Knight Weiler

A practical, funny and inspirational handbook for everyone thinking about serving the Bahá’í Faith away from home.

Soft Cover
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Growing Into Peace Book Cover

Growing Into Peace

A Manual for Peace-Builders in the 1990s & Beyond

by Mary Perkins

A challenge to think constructively about the future of the human race, and of the planet.

Soft Cover
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Immortal Heroines Book Cover

Immortal Heroines

Sarah, Asiyih, the Virgin Mary, Fatimih, Tahirih, Bahiyyih Khanum

by Jacqueline Mehrabi

Immortal Heroines is the story of six very special women who lived during the last four thousand years.

Soft Cover
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Your True Brother Book Cover

Your True Brother

by Robert Weinberg

Eight letters from the Guardian of the Bahá'í Faith to Bahá'ís passing through their adolescent years, trying to discover their talents and potential.

Soft Cover
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7 items found - Page: 1